Old Stuff on Old Cam

In this category you will find random pictures of random old hardware, taken with a really old digital camera which gives them the appropriate look.

No “retro filter” needed, my Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 achieves that low definition retro look without breaking a sweat. The camera also uses standard 3.5″ floppy disks for storage (!), the only thing more retro would be scanning a real photo with a big SCSI flatbed scanner connected to a 486 running Windows 95.

Here is a short review of my camera:

Retropic – My Slot A Retromachine Undergoes Maintenance

Today there was enough daylight for my trusty old Mavica. So I took a picture of my Slot A machine, which I am currently working on.

Quick specs of the system:

  • Athlon Classic 1000 (Orion)
  • Shuttle Spacewalker AI61
  • 2x 256MB SDR @ 100 MHz CL2 2-2-5
  • ATI Rage Fury Maxx
  • 2x Diamond Monster 3D II 12MB @ SLI
  • Creative Sound Blaster Live!
  • Intel Pro100+ NIC